Since the formation of the Club on 25 November 2004, the Club has received a lot of support from members, other Clubs and organisations.

Too many members have given their time as volunteers to attempt to list them individually, but without them the Club would not be where it is today.

We have received support from a number of local organistions, including:

Mangrove Mountain RSL Sub-Branch and K M & M E West Pty Ltd, who each donated $100 towards initial expenses.

Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce who donated $400 towards the cost of the iMac for assistance with their website.

Mangrove Emergency Planning & Communications Committee who donated $400 for assistance with their website.

Central Coast Dressage Association who donated $400 for our assistance with establishing an initial computer based scoring system.


The aim of the Club is to provide a relaxed atmosphere in which members of the local community who are interested can learn about computers and what they can do for them at their own pace, and at a low cost.

Since the Club started, more than 300 have joined. From the many examples of our success, two specific ones that the members concerned chose to have published in the the local Community News are MMCC Saves the Day and My Computer Story.

We assisted the local Cancer Council Community Hub with designing a flyer to promote a Car Pool. This was submitted it to the local Cancer Council Committee and was approved for general release. It can be viewed here.

We assisted the local Memorial Club with establishing a website. We have now helped their Golf Club with a simple procedure to enable competition results to be posted on the website quickly.

We assisted Helen Simmonds with a website to publish and host the results of her research into toxic weeds and their effects on animals, updating the book that was published in 2000. You can view the Australian Weeds and Livestock website here.

We asssited the Mangrove Emergency Planning & Communications Committeewith reorganising and updating their 'Telephone Tree' database.

We have assisted in launching the Mangrove Alerts Community System ("MACS")

We assisted the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair with recovering, updating and hosting their original website which was designed by a young boy as a school project.

More recently, we have also assisted the Mangrove Country Fair with converting an old 45rpm vinly recording by a band called the "Mangrove Boogie Kings" to CD and MP3.

We established a Community website and continue to support and maintain it.

Facilitated by TAFE Outreach, we have organised First Aid Courses for the community.

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