The AGMs of the Community Technology Centre and the Mangrove Mountain Computer Club were held on Wednesday, 22nd November 2017 commencing at 11:30am. The only change was that Sandy Price, who has moved out of the immediate area, did not stand for re-election. Carolyn Farrell was elected as an Ordinary Member of both Committees in her place.The Management Committees for 2017-2018 are therefore:

President: John O'Toole

Having first being elected President in 2013-2014, it is probably fair to say that once again it took a "little" persuasion to convince him to stand. John started at the Club at close to a novice level with computers, but quickly developed strong skills in photo and video editing. After a "little more" persuasion he progressed to presenting classes, with considerable aplomb and success.

Vice-President & Public Officer: Nick Mason

Nick Mason who has had a long association with the Club, commencing in 2002, including Chairmanship of the Steering Committee leading up to the successful funding of the CTC@Mangrove Mountain. He also chaired the Steering Committee that resulted in the formation of the Mangrove Mountain Seniors Computer Club which later became Mangrove Mountain Computer Club. He was Secretary of the CTC@Mangrove Mountain and the Mangrove Mountain Computer Club from October 2006 to October 2011.

Treasurer: Ron Collins

Ron emerged 'out of the blue' at the Meeting which led to the formation of a Management Committee but there are rumours that Ken West may have had something to do with this. After two years as both Secretary and Treasurer, and with the growth of the Club, Ron did not stand again for Secretary as well, but we are fortunate that he agreed to continue as Treasurer.

Secretary: Sue Grist

Sue Grist stood in for the previous Secretary, Nick Mason, in 2011 when Nick
was having health problems and has continued to make a big contribution to the Club whilst juggling a number of other commitments.

Sue carries a heavy load in organising and presenting a number of classes and we are indeed fortunate that Sue has agreed to continue as Secretary.

Ordinary Committee Members: Allan Alexander, Ted Dunford and Carolyn Farrell.

Allan Alexander continues to be strong supporter of the Club, having been Minutes Secretary previously, and also closely involved in the RSL Project. Following the passing of his uncle, the late Joe Alexander, Allan is now coordinating the continuation of this worthwhile project.

Ted Dunford has been an active member of the Club for some years, depending on work comitments. Ted originally trained as an aeronautical electrician, worked on airport radar installations before moving to IT.

Caraolyn Farrell has been a Club member for some years, and has made a major contribution to assisting with the creative digital scrapbooking ad crafts.

The Management Committee of the MMSCC (now the MMCC) has from the outset adopted an open and transparent style in conducting affairs on behalf of Members. All members are not only invited to attend Committee meetings but are encouraged to do do so.

If you have any questions, please just ask.

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